by Berserkers

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released November 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Berserkers Bordeaux, France

The band was founded in 2009.
From the beginning, their musical writing leads to a modern, Hard Rock oriented style. The use of keyboards marks their inspiration from the Rock of the 70's.

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Track Name: On the Road
On the road

(Lyrics : Julius/Pix )

I don't want to spend my life
reminding me the good things
crying over the last moments
thinking again about my mistakes
I would not run away
Right in front of adversity
I would destroy all these walls
All these barriers in my head

I just want to be free, and to have good times,
and to play all the aces, 'til i'm falling down !!!
on the Road full of pitfalls , we don't give a damn
We are here to play and to have good times !

I just want to live today...
Why Should I wait another day?
To travel around the world
To meet new people every day
I just want to slake my thirst
I want to be the first
there's still some way to go
To obtain the winning goal.

Last night I met another girl...
She tried to keep me in her world...
Promising good meals and children...
Mouhahahaha.... poor little girl

Track Name: Trust me...
Trust me...

From eponymous album "Berserkers" out fall 2013, and (soon) available on Facebook :

Band contact :

(Lyrics : Julius )

Hi man, how are you ?
I have full of things to be proposed to you !!
A beautiful House ? Lots of money ?
The bottom which waddles of your honey ?
Ask me, What did you say ?
That's not a problem , maybe one day....
I'm your friend now, don't worry !
just sign the contract to be happy

Sell your soul !!!
To be happy !!!!
Sign the contract
Just sign the contract , to be happy......

Hi man, it's me again !
It's time for you to pay and for me to gain...
Why do you cry ? you had a good life !!!
It will be less painful than a cut of knife...
I Don't care !!! what did you say ?
That's not my problem, you have to pay.
follow me now, i'm hungry.
It was in the contract, now follow me...

And I'm hungry
was in the contract
was in the contract now follow me...


Track Name: Rocket Roll
Rocket Roll

(Lyrics : Judy & Julius)

Show me your best side 'til I can't resist !
The way your hips move drives me mad...
Through your black dress I see your tempting forms
Your lips move, but I can't hear...

You can talk about your life,
You can talk about your dreams,
You can talk about your tears,
But I know what you want – You – Can
Talk about your life,
You can talk about your dreams,
You can talk bout your tears,
But I know what you want...

You want my Rocket Roll !
My Rocket Roll !
You want my Rocket Roll !
My Rocket Roll ! Yeah...

I lose my senses when I glimpse your bust,
I don't know why we are here,
My thoughts forecast in a near future...
Closer and closer in my bed !



Rocket Roll !
Rocket Roll !
Rocket Roll !
Rocket Roll !
Track Name: I am a dead man
I am a dead man

(Lyrics : Judy/Julius)

You live your life, you aim for heights
as you can...
Play rock'n'roll like your idols
as you can...
What you expect, what you can get :
not the same...
You're not a sheep, stop your bullshit,
wake up man !

Can hold the world in your hands !
The Grail's behind the veil !

Now it's time to change my mind
And leave all those things behind...
I am a dead man !
This ain't what I want and if it's life....
Then I'm a dead man !

And so it goes : you chew on bones
as you can...
You pay the price of their caprice
as you can...
There is no strife, just a half-life,
brainless man !
And every day for you I'll pray,
puppet man !
Track Name: Braves Never Rest
Braves Never Rest

(Lyrics : Judy & Julius)

You can't afford to leave free
in this bloody land...
Without gold you are forced
to die or leave here...

So, come on !
just look around you !
Hold up your head,
all that you think just do !

And you build a wall
To protect yourself...
Always on the run,
'Cos the braves never rest...

I feel reborn every time
that I hear this sound...
Heavy Metal will never die,
because we are here !
Track Name: Zombie or not to be ?
Zombie or not to be ?
(Lyrics Judy/Julius )

I can see my teeth
Through my rotten cheek
God, where are my lips ?
Botox won't help me...........

Before I was so cute and sexy...........
From now on you'll be zombie barbie
Bred in the bone can't come out of flesh

Now the question is...
AH AH AH AH zombie or not to be ? X2

I'm hungry for brains...
I don't understand
I have one breast left
My ass gone away............
Track Name: We were soldiers
We were soldiers

(Lyrics : Julius )

When I was young
I've seen a lots of wars
All these past times....
I'm an old man now
I made so much things
To defend our rights
I took a bullet
Then i came back

And when I think of all these dark memories
This had a sense for all of us
When we try to bring down Tyranny
We could see our brothers falling

As I look now
I feel life is worthwile
All these trials
Made me the man I am
I've done my duty
As my friends by my side
Keep these hard times
Close to my heart
Track Name: Go to the West
Go to the West

(Lyrics : Julius)

Go to the west, to see unknown earth,
to see wealth ,to see foreign lands
Say goodbye to your family
cause we leave towards other horizons

Let us row, let us navigate
Let us face the storm and the waves
Every day we think of the glory
Our name will be legendary

We are lost in the middle of the mist
We are hungry, we miss our country
It is so cold, the fog is very thick
we have a last chance with the sunstone

we have a last chance with the sunstone!!!!!
Track Name: The Sunstone
The Sunstone

(Lyrics : Judy,Julius)

Follow me !
To see a land across ice and snow...
Follow me !
To bring our children some legacy !
Follow me !
If you want to live with majesty !
Follow me !
Future generations will follow...

Cross the sea !
Stone will guide us to meet the
Prophecy !
Says when the storm will clear
We can see
This brand new land of fertility
Follow me !
To see wealth , to see foreign Lands....

I can't believe what I see
We've never seen such a storm
The sea's unleashed, we surely will sink.
The Gods try to take our boat...
We'll drown , We'll meet Njord's embrace.
Last Hope : Hold on to the sunstone..

Fog has cleared !!
throughout the mist , we guess some land...
up on the hills...
We discover the land We dreamt...
We made it
The witch was right, Let us Hail the Gods...
Future generations will follow...